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Revolutionizing U.S. Army National Guard Recruitment 

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A Digital Transformation Solution for Operational Success 

When the military’s recruiting demand was at an all-time high, the U.S. Army National Guard’s recruitment force was burdened with a process that relied upon paper packets and manual data entry. Without operational improvement, they would not meet their mission and the cost would be our nation’s security. So the National Guard asked us, if you can buy a car online, get a mortgage online, and apply for college online, then why can’t you join the military online? We decided to prove that you could. 

How a User-Centric Experience Put Path to Honor on Its Trail to Success 

iostudio conceptualized, launched and maintained the Path to Honor pilot program, a .com, user-centric experience featuring a secure .mil-based web application that allowed users to complete the paperwork required to enlist in the U.S. Army National Guard from home.  

Human-centered Design

Path to Honor provided users with 24/7/365 support, and reduced redundancy and administrative burdens on the recruiting force by transferring the data from a user driven .com experience directly to the traditional government platforms.  

Complex Engineering

On the backend, this incredibly complex project integrated DoD systems to ensure data security and compliance while offering a highly functional front-end experience. 

Three recruiters standing outside new recruiting office.

Recruiters Are Doing More by Doing Less

Recruiters were finally able to do more prospecting and less processing. They could also conduct continuous improvement on the process by analyzing conversion points and improving both UX (user experience) and customer care to maximize throughput by focusing on content and usability for the end user.  

It was recruitment marketing far ahead of its time and a critical part of the U.S. Army National Guard meeting its readiness mission. 

View more about our work on Path to Honor in our Portfolio Case Study. 

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