Strategic Planning

At iostudio, we believe in measuring twice and cutting once.

So before recommending brand or campaign activation, we start with some strategic fundamentals:


Driving internal alignment around 
your business objectives and 
brand purpose

Stakeholder alignment

Auditing existing collateral and understanding stakeholder perspectives in order to produce an actionable, effective strategy


Understanding the market, as well as your audience’s motives and needs, to inform an airtight strategy

Strategic planning

Connecting business goals and brand purpose to customer needs in standout, relevant ways

What you can expect from this process 
(it’s fun—we promise):

image of colorful post-it notes pinned on a bulletin board

Strategic planning outputs:

  • Executive summary of discovery findings
  • Strategic activation recommendation(s)
  • Brand narrative and messaging framework
  • Campaign or channel strategies
  • High-level activation plan

Build a strategy that sets up efficient and effective activation.