Simplify Virtual Visits with Loved Ones

Make it easy and safe for your residents. Keep it simple and hassle-free for you.


Visits from family and friends are vital to life in a residential care facility. When health and safety risks keep visitors away, residents and providers alike feel the negative effects of isolation.

iostudio can integrate a customizable web portal into your existing website that allows approved visitors to schedule time with residents. Beyond a pandemic response, operationalizing virtual visits means residents can connect with anyone who has internet access: friends and family members who live far away, those who have unconventional work schedules, or even residents living in other care facilities.

The convenience of online scheduling and video conferencing also makes more frequent visits a possibility. For facility administrators, an integrated platform cuts time spent on phone calls, answering emails and coordinating schedules.

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iostudio can incorporate the platform into your existing website. We handle the mechanics. You accept and approve visitors as they register.


Purchase the recommended devices, educate staff, and establish a system for sanitizing and charging equipment.


Utilize iostudio’s social post templates or create your own to encourage visitors to sign up and schedule their visits.