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U.S. Navy

MarTech Custom CRM Platform

Revolutionizing Navy Recruitment with our FedRAMP-Compliant Omnichannel Custom CRM Platform


By streamlining the process, empowering subject matter experts (SMEs), and facilitating direct connections with recruiters, we are revolutionizing the way the Navy identifies, engages, and ultimately recruits top-tier talent during a single customer interaction.

  • An agile and scalable program that reduces lead processing time and uses API (Application Programming Interfaces) integrations with client systems  
  • Flexible, FedRAMP-compliant solution that allows personnel to change recruitment qualification standards in real-time 
  • Deeply integrated data collection and analysis to reach the target audience allowing for a rapid delivery of the client’s ROI (return on investment)
If you want to improve brand recognition and need a customized, full-funnel lead nurturing application, connect with us today.  


The Navy Contact Center handles a high volume of inbound calls and outbound calls/texts daily, interacting with potential leads who have expressed interest through various vendor partners and media sources. To manage these leads effectively, the Navy required a customized process to capture, and securely transfer, lead data to field recruiters.


As part of The Navy Partnership (TNP), iostudio developed a customized CRM platform that conducts inbound and outbound calls to convert, prequalify and deliver leads to Navy Recruiters. Our engineers developed and currently maintain the platform driven by an advanced eligibility and qualification engine. This standalone offering allows for maximum uptime and the intuitive flow of data, analysis and process moderation creates an easily trainable model. In addition, iostudio staffs the Navy Contact Center, trains personnel and performs quality assurance over operations.


Ever since its launch in 2018, the Navy’s customized CRM application has maintained an uptime service level agreement (SLA) above 99.9%— ensuring the custom solution works in delivering pre-qualified leads in an effective and efficient manner.

The Navy’s omni-channel CRM platform operates within the FedRAMP-compliant boundary.

iostudio leverages NICE CXone, the industry’s first true cloud-based customer experience platform to receive FedRAMP Authorization to Operate (ATO), NICE CXone provides stability for Verizon, Disney and the Army National Guard. It seamlessly integrates all communication channels (phone, chat, email and SMS/text) on a single platform. NICE CXone supports our mission in reducing friction in the CX/UX pipeline and delivers ROI throughout the lead life cycle.

Make the most of every engagement.

iostudio builds teams of subject matter experts that understand our client’s needs. We create agile, scalable applications, knowledgebases and interfaces allowing for exceptional CX as well as end user compatibility. This allows personnel to utilize the tools and information they need to provide exceptional customer service to both the user and the field agent.