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Master the Lead Magnet, Part 2

You can see it. The Internet is changing faster than we can open and close our Google Chrome tabs. Mark Zuckerberg even had to explain how it works to Congress. And, for us content marketers, that means the layman is increasingly aware of our campaign optimization stratagems.

Therefore, going forward, it won’t be quite as clear what type of content your target demographic has an appetite for. But that’s the beauty of lead magnets: They not only help us identify customers; they also tell us how to reach them.

Since we’ve already introduced some of the best converting types of lead magnets, it’s time to talk about how to pick the one that’s right for your business—and what to do with the customer base it helps build.

Make specific, relevant offers.

Consider this first tip, specificity, as the key that makes the car start. (Without it, you won’t leave the garage.) For example, if you are a consultant specializing in helping companies with sales or marketing, don’t offer your leads a free report on New Business Cycle Trends to Look Out for in 2018. A broad lead magnet doesn’t deliver a specific promise; it implies a lot of little ones. Instead, give them a specific offer directly related to your value proposition, like a free sales consultation.

Monitor attention spans.

Ask yourself how much time your customers spend with your content. If they love the community associated with your product or service, consider offering a forum membership or live webinar in exchange for their email. On the other hand, if your typical lead is a busy parent who works around the clock picking up the kids and driving them to soccer practice, they probably don’t have time to read a 50-page e-book differentiating dog food products! Rather, provide a quick-to-consume checklist, 4-minute video or survey that delivers just enough value for recipients to opt-in. In our information age, customers expect instant gratification, and lead magnets are only effective if your prospects want to participate. So, once you conduct intense research on how much time your targeted demographic is willing to invest up-front, craft your lead magnets accordingly.

Invest in value perception.

Don’t get it twisted: Even though your lead magnet is free, it should by no means look free. If you decide to go down the e-book path (we hope by now you’ve considered otherwise), spice it up with professional graphics and engaging imagery. Let’s agree that it’s worth investing a little extra into your lead magnet in return for information directly from thousands of potential customers. (Glad we see eye to eye on that.) Just make sure to professionally check it for spelling mistakes—you’d hate for anything to taint the first impression of your business.

Test for success.

Now that you know the criteria that makes for a well-tailored, successful lead magnet, put in the legwork to test different types and collect data to determine which converts best with your audience. Did you discover that your target demographic is value-oriented and wants more than to be entertained by a quick checklist or quiz? Test their response to a webinar. Don’t be afraid to try approaches for a length of time and then see the difference between varying calls to action, from signing up to your email list to calling a phone number. Consider using Google Analytics to track your page views, average visit duration and unique visitors. We’ll admit that testing and optimizing can be laborious, but it’s well worth the pain if it translates to more sales down the road.

Use your new lead magnet.

Now that you have a your lead magnet, it’s time to interact. And that mountain of customers waiting to become your base? Send them surveys on their preferences, so you can further target them with your products or services. Flex your email content marketing muscles to warm them up. Or, if you know you’ve done all of the above, go ahead and “make the ask”—directly offer your products or services!

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