Content Marketing

Content Marketing is far bigger than Instagram posts about the latest trend in yoga pants. It’s storytelling that can be just as powerful for a purpose as for a product. Whether content is your brand builder or bullhorn, iostudio harnesses the power of your story to get results.

We believe that all content, no matter the platform, must tell a story that motivates and empowers audiences to take action. It’s about creating magnetic experiences between you and your audience, in a way that you can actually measure. That’s why iostudio’s approach to content transcends mere impressions–we help you build trust.

We use it to reach your audience, but also your audience’s influencers, both social and civic. We use it to establish perceptions but to also change perceptions. For us, content marketing is a mouthpiece for smart ideas, period. We also say that because brains can’t talk. Yet.

Full-size page layouts on a cork wall to evaluate content and visual consistency, a key to effective content marketing.


The wrong word can change a conversation. It can quickly turn from a lead to a leaving. A visitor to a vamoosed. A sale to a sail. You get where we’re going with this. Words mean things.


Editorial Style

Although we think magazines are still sexy, and always will be, editorial is a style not a channel. It’s a deeper dive into subject matter that deserves a longer moment in the spotlight. Regardless of whether it is a four-page spread or an award-winning blog, it’s as much an art form as anything.

Data visualized in the pages of a client report shows the impact of content marketing.

Analytics & Data Visualization

Data by itself is useless. The people who analyze it are where you make your money. Yet another reason—one of many—that we prioritize people over things.



If there’s a more beautiful nexus of nerdery than infographics, we want to know. Seriously. Data, pretty pictures, icons, graphs, insights, actionable information … infographics put all of our Very Favorite Things in one place.

Print and premium brand elements shown; it's content marketing in 3-D.

Brand Strategy

Whether you’re just getting started or you’ve just made it onto your first Fortune 500, your brand matters. Don’t hand it off to just anybody.

360-degree video camera, a key tool in creating immersive content marketing assets.

Video Production

We’ll never stop being storytellers at heart, and our video team is the best in the business. To be honest, we think you should’ve heard of them already. They’re that good. Need proof? Check out our reel.



Pictures may be worth thousands of words (and contain millions of pixels), but our favorite thing is to get them to tell just one story.

Mobile phone showing the National Guard's Instagram feed; it's content marketing in the palm of your hand.

Social Media Management

People who care about their brand write great Facebook posts. People who care about converting those posts into sales have great community management.


Email Marketing

Most—85 percent—of American adults have an email address. Only 80 percent of Americans are on Facebook. If you’re doing Facebook but not email, you’re probably marketing incorrectly.

Content Marketing Case Study

GX: The Guard Experience Magazine

Army National Guard

2 pages shown from GX: The Guard Experience, an anchor for iostudio's comprehensive content marketing approach.

From 2004 to 2016, iostudio created, researched, wrote, edited and designed the official magazine for the U.S. Army National Guard, known as GX: The Guard Experience®. With more than 60 industry awards, GX was the most awarded military magazine of its time.



The Army National Guard’s force spans 3,500 communities across the country with sporadic internal communication. The lack of centralization hinders a unified mission and singular Guard identity, which hinders the retention of its members.



Through intensive audience and client research and audience involvement culminating in the creation of a high-end magazine, website and social media content, we empowered the Guard membership to better understand their service, advance their careers and enhance resilience. Following the Army’s Comprehensive Soldier and Family Fitness model, we researched and created content to boost the total strength of the military family physically, psychologically and financially. In this, we crafted GX: The Guard Experience multimedia marketing, a common ground for all members and a trusted communication outlet recognized by leadership as the go-to source for Guard information, how-to guides, opportunities and success stories. For over a decade, more than 95 percent of the audience declared GX products made them feel proud of their service.

Cover and inside page from GX: The Guard Experience.


  • Brand planning and logo design
  • GX: The Guard Experience magazine, featuring 108 pages of custom content per issue
  • Six unique issues of GX each year
  • 220,000 copies of each issue mailed to member homes
  • responsive website and content management system
  • Social media content
  • Video production and photography
  • Editorial design
  • Brand journalism
  • More than 100 field interviews per year
  • Annual surveys and focus groups
  • Interactive design and development
  • 300-page, high-end coffee table book compiling the history of the Army National Guard

Content Marketing Case Study

United Parcel Service

Desktop monitor showing site created for UPS's veterans hiring initiative.



United Parcel Service (UPS) committed to the White House that they would hire 50,000 military veterans, but they lacked the marketing to attract and welcome veterans, and sufficient internal education to recruit and retain veterans. UPS’s marketing partner, Pathways 2 Solutions, envisioned a robust veteran-friendly platform and then sought a team to bring it to fruition.



Activating our subject matter expertise in military recruiting and retention, as well as expertise in content, platform and engagement, we created a two-pronged approach: communicating externally to the recruiting population and internally to UPS supervisors and HR personnel. Externally, we created a content machine to engage and educate veterans, inviting them to see similarities between the military and UPS cultures, as well as the path to an empowering career. Internally, we developed collateral to educate UPS staff while providing them actionable tools for recruiting and retention.

Mobile phones showing page's from UPS's mobile platform for veteran hiring.


  • website
  • UPS Military Skills Translator web application
  • UPS Military Transition smartphone application
  • Video production
  • Copywriting
  • Print and editorial design
  • Interactive design and development
  • Data and analytics