From responsive websites to web apps to comprehensive platform development, the tailored digital experiences iostudio creates directly answer the needs of your audience. We leverage our subject matter expertise–in technology, content and user experiences–to develop the most impactful solution for your business.

Desktop, laptop and mobile device displaying comprehensive platform development for the National Guard.

User Experience &
User Interface Design

UX/UI design is so new that most companies are still trying to figure out the difference between the two. Fortunately for you, we’re not most companies. iostudio’s approach to platform development integrates an intuitive user journey with fast, robust code underneath.

Web Application

Businesses live or die based on their websites and apps.
Our in-house developers are standing by with their lifelines.

Platform development work-start documents with multiple sticky notes are shown.

Digital Strategy

Platform development without intention is wasted energy. That’s why every iostudio digital engagement begins with deep research and understanding of your user personas and the journeys they take from initial awareness to conversion and loyalty. Because anything less is little more than shiny, expensive noise.

Cork board wall showcasing iostudio creative approach to platform development.

Content Development

Content isn’t just the backbone of a website or application: It is the website or application. We take time to learn about our clients so we can craft content to match their brand aesthetic, detail for detail.

Computer screens showing code and assets at the heart of any platform development project.

Front-End and Back-End Development

No matter how shiny the outside, your app or site has to be just as fresh and clean under the hood. Our front- and back-end folks are equal parts artist and mechanic, ready to make your sites and apps hum.

Laptop screen showing a site's usage patterns in real time.

Analytics & Data Visualization

Data is beautiful, but usable data is even more satisfying—like the wry smile of the Mona Lisa. We make Mona Lisas regularly for our clients. If you’re not one already—a client, that is—you should be.


Hosting & Maintenance

OK. We know it’s weird that we love this stuff. It’s just our thing. And we’re OK with that.

Platform Case Study

kidcentral tn

Computer monitor showing kidcentral tn site developed by iostudio.


The State of Tennessee offers thousands of services that benefit Tennessee families. Unfortunately, overlapping messaging across six state departments and disjointed branding left Tennessee families either unaware of the services or confused about how to access them.



We began with a deep dive into both the audience and the client to pinpoint opportunities for greater efficiency in state outreach. Through focus groups and audience surveys, we identified media habits and interests. Through discovery sessions with the client, we grouped the services into the simple categories of Health, Education, Development and Support. Marrying the audience and client research, we created kidcentral tn, a branded cross-channel platform, including a responsive website with a robust content management system, and social media and email marketing. The platform content is ensured to be enriching and actionable, motivating the audience to learn more about state services. As a result, unique website visitors trend greater than 140 percent of state goals—with traffic conversions to state services trending greater than 170 percent of state goals.


  • Brand planning and logo design
  • Complete digital platform development
  • Website with content management system
  • Email marketing
  • Social media management
  • Video production
  • Interactive design and development
  • Copywriting
  • Data and analytics

Platform Case Study

U.S. Chamber of Commerce
Hiring Our Heroes Program

U.S. Chamber of Commerce's Hiring Our Heroes dashboard shown on a tablet screen.



The U.S. Chamber of Commerce Hiring Our Heroes program sought to combat the increasing unemployment rate of military veterans. The Chamber identified the tremendous gap in communication and understanding between civilian hiring managers and veterans, but it lacked a platform to bring the two audiences together.

Within the first month of launch, the veteran resume app, Resume Engine, received more than 30,000 unique visitors.



Using a holistic approach to digital platform development, we empowered both audiences to connect. We equipped the hiring managers with a content marketing site with more than 30 original articles on hiring and retaining veterans, as well as a virtual job fair site to connect in real time. To prepare veterans, we created a web application to translate their military experience into civilian career skills and create a single-page resume. Understanding that military spouses face similar challenges, we created an app customized to the military spouse experience. Additionally, we created a series of sites to inform veterans on civilian industry and state-funded military support across the nation, as well as 24/7 access to the virtual job fair.

Collateral and mobile app shown for the Hiring Our Heroes program.


  • Brand planning
  • Digital platform development
  • Websites (six total)
  • Web application design
  • Copywriting
  • Print design
  • Video production
  • Data and analytics

Digital Platform Development Case Study

National Guard

Laptop screen discussing the financial side of enlisting in the National Guard.


The Army National Guard is required to maintain more than 300,000 soldiers annually, which requires a digitally based recruitment platform to attract, inform and process hundreds of thousands of recruitment leads per year.



Combining our first-hand military experience with our technical expertise in digital platform development and content marketing, we devised a multimedia platform initiating more than 500,000 recruitment leads per year:

  1. The online hub for the Guard, which transforms visitors into educated recruitment leads through tools such as web applications, over 40 videos and more than 40 microsites for states and territories.
  2. Contact Prequalification Processing System: The customer relationship management software, housed in a .mil environment, used by contact center operators to track each inquiry, then process and securely transmit data.
  3. Campaign Management Portal: The application that tracks and measures every advertising and marketing campaign and program. The portal tracks first contact through to enlistment to reveal return on investment.
Mobile phone screen showing the National Guard's presence on Instagram.


  • Website with content management system
  • Comprehensive platform development
  • Web application design
  • NIST-compliant information systems
  • Copywriting
  • Video production and photography
  • Data and analytics