32B: Legacy Social Media Campaign

SPC Isaac Alberto: Two Uniforms Social Post

Social media posts hit close to home for potential recruits who want to make a difference for themselves, their friends, their family and their country. SPC Isaac Alberto, featured here, is living his legacy, and the pride shows.

SPC Isaac Alberto’s Story

Recruits who want to know more about what motivated SPC Alberto to choose the Army National Guard can learn what inspires him with this sharable emotional story. iostudio contact center operators or Guard recruiters are ready to share this link when they sense that a prospect needs just a little more inspiration.

MAJ Rachel Irwin’s Story

For MAJ Irwin, the motivation is different than Isaac’s. She wants to establish herself within a community after an early life of traveling the world. iostudio contact center operators or Guard recruiters are adept at picking up on the nuances within inspiration, so our content needs to be equally nuanced in order to connect.

From the Social Stories Armory

This is just one of many social media story posts that are deployed within a rapid cadence of online activity. There are many ways to Take On Your Legacy with the Army National Guard. iostudio’s mission is to serve them all up.