July 29, 2020

How to Strengthen Marketing Communications in the New Market


Four ways marketers can use the “Great Reset” to recalibrate their business.

Lately, you have seen plenty on how businesses are responding to the crisis but very little about how they plan to move forward during this time. Moreover, there is increasing online chatter surrounding the “Great Reset” and how brands will behave as we emerge from the global pandemic and widespread social unrest.  For smart marketers, there is an opportunity to keep moving forward. You can use marketing communications during this Great Reset to activate your messaging, sharpen your marketing tools and strengthen customer loyalty.

Here are four key strategies to focus on for the remainder of this year and into 2021.

Do not stop talking to your customers.

Talk to them about your business. More specifically, talk about what connected you in the first place: your products or services. Your customers likely do not know how today’s market is impacting your business or how your service or product is relevant to them right now. Even if you doubt much has changed, the current climate presents a unique opportunity for discussion. Your selling message needs to adapt, but you can still sell. Many businesses have a customer database (often more than one); are you getting a grip on yours and talking to your customers to move your business forward? Does your contact center have the tools it needs to facilitate these important conversations?

Help your customers navigate perceived barriers.

Everyone still has the same needs as before, but many are struggling to find new ways to meet them. Do not make your customers work to figure out how you can help. Get in front of the issue and share your new business processes. Talk about how you are adapting to serve them. Be their wayfinder, show them a road map, manage their expectations and ensure their experience with your brand in the New Normal is as seamless as it was before. Have you provided your customers a digital road map of your brand’s New Normal and communicated what it means for them?

Make a commitment to your customers. 

In a world of unknowns, give your customers the reassurances they seek. Tell them what to expect. Even when the future is somewhat uncertain, there are things you know, and, most importantly, your customers need to know they can count on you. Tell them what you are doing today and the commitments you are making for tomorrow. Then promise to remind them and guide them along the way. Are you showing your customers you are committed to getting through this with them?

Improve your listening skills. 

To be effective in any market, your communications require a consistent and meaningful content strategy. Nothing about recent events has changed this fact; however, as you fast-track your messaging strategies, do not forget to listen to what your audience is saying. Increase the monitoring of your social platforms. Increase your staffing for customer engagement. If you have seen the positive impact of social media conversations before, just wait until you double-down now, when your customers want it most.

By focusing on these four marketing fundamentals in your marketing communications, even in this market, you can provide valuable information to your customers and emerge from the Great Reset ready to lead.


As you think about how your brand and business are positioned to emerge from the Great Reset, you are likely asking yourself some crucial questions.

  • Do you have the tools to engage and capitalize on what you learn?
  • Is your messaging adapting quickly enough?
  • Does your digital platform help your customers prioritize, plan and navigate any barriers on their way to you?
  • Do your customers know they can count on you to have a plan to move ahead, regardless of the unknown?
  • Are you confident your audience knows you are listening to them and adapting for them?

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