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The 411 Contact Tracing Solution for COVID-19

Pandemic-pummeling innovation

Imagine the ability to handle COVID-19 contact tracing, information sharing, and data collection and processing from a single source for the entire nation. A unified approach that employs a contact center, a secure digital platform, a mobile app and the provisioning of fast dial so people affected by COVID-19 can easily reach someone for help. Emergency response and healthcare organizations, state departments, and even the federal government can take advantage of this contact tracing solution to streamline data collection and delivery and to reduce manpower and costs. It’s a powerful tool to help stop the spread of COVID-19 when implemented and supported by the right partner. 

Fast dial is a no-brainer.

411 works well because it’s simple. It’s a simple concept that’s simple to remember. Utilizing a fast dial like #C19 (available for use at the time this was published) would allow people to easily connect to a single source for all things COVID-19 via any U.S. mobile phone. The capabilities can go way beyond the pandemic, however, creating a powerful engagement and collection platform, for example, for anything disease-related. 

“… with each failed outreach attempt, the likelihood of that person ever responding decreases …”

Outreach alone isn’t cutting it.

While outreach will always be a part of any contact tracing solution, a smarter solution won’t rely on outreach alone. It must also empower the person affected. Being able to self-report on their own time and using their preferred method of communication is crucial. Employing a mobile app and fast-dial methods that allow people to self-report their COVID-19 situation promotes confidence and allows for anonymity. They can submit information by calling, texting (C19US) or accessing the app. Many people would rather be able to input their information than speak to someone on the phone. In fact, it’s been proven that with every failed outreach attempt, the likelihood of that person ever responding decreases. So let’s put the power in their hands and give them the confidence to impact the pandemic. 

Quick turnarounds of actionable contact tracing data lead to a positive reaction.

Data is the front line right now. Getting actionable data to emergency management departments quickly is crucial, and having it come from one secure partner, like iostudio, will reduce turnaround times, costs and the manpower needed to do it. The data should be dynamic, and we should be basing our decisions on current data, not something that’s a week old. The solution must be able to move as fast as the pandemic itself.  

There are three S’s in ‘success.’

There are three things vital to success: being smart, simple and secure. At iostudio, we employ all three in everything we do. A smart solution is innovative, utilizing modern technology and all communication channels while reducing costs. To keep it simple, it must be easy and eliminate barriers. Security means having the experience and knowledge necessary to operate in a world of sensitive material, something we’ve been doing for decades now. The Army National Guard and America’s Navy both rely on our secure recruitment marketing operations to capture quality leads. An initiative like a nationwide C19 platform would be a smart, simple, secure and powerful tool for stopping COVID-19, and we know how to do it. 

To truly reach local communities, you have to approach contact tracing locally.

Two more things are crucial to success: partnering with local outreach groups and community programs to spread the importance of contact tracing, and having a single source for all their COVID-19 needs. iostudio’s engagement marketing expertise, along with local partnerships, will help empower the people affected and move them to be more responsive.  

Defeating the pandemic requires innovation. Partner with iostudio and evolve your entire approach to contact tracing. Let’s start solving this thing. Please get in touch with our president Lisa Menck-Shock directly. 

Ari Orlinsky, Director of Information Systems

Ari Orlinsky, Director of Information Systems