The answers to COVID-19 lie within the numbers. The solution? Holistic case investigation & contact tracing.

The American people are depending on the vital data compiled and analyzed by effective COVID-19 contact tracing. Data is the front line. States are forced to utilize resources that are far more valuable allocated elsewhere, intensifying the COVID-19 concussion. This is a job for an experienced data collection partner… a powerful platform development partner… an effective marketing communications partner… who can deploy a single holistic approach. Yesterday.

We’d like to introduce you to us. iostudio builds highly secure integrated systems, contact centers and marketing campaigns for institutions that impact lives. Now we’re using our expertise and holistic approach to actually save lives, and we can move faster than a pandemic. We will make your state an invaluable piece in finding the cure, strengthening the recovery and slamming the door on COVID-19.

Illustration showing how holistic approach to contact tracing improves engagement.


The recovery is only as strong
as your data

Reaching exposed contacts quickly and professionally is imperative. An approach combining both outreach and self-reporting that improves accessibility with elements like fastdial and texting is game changing. Creating a simple, single source for all things COVID-19 will empower people affected by the pandemic. This holistic approach to contact tracing requires the ability to onboard staff quickly, deploy technology rapidly and do it all in a widely dispersed area. For the past seven years, we’ve operated a highly successful and secure Audience Engagement system for the DoD that includes a large contact center designed to never go down. Year after year, our custom systems and processes have seen increases in metrics across the board. Learn more about our Audience Engagement services.

Illustration showing secure dashboards and contact tracing analytics.


Powerful and smart technology solutions that move faster than a pandemic

Being smart about COVID-19 contact tracing requires industry expertise, technological prowess and the ability to stand up and deploy on a moment’s notice. Our unique skill set allows us to build and operate holistic solutions from the ground up that not only exceed requirements, they set new benchmarks for the industry. Running on AWS, and with multiple internal security measures, our contact tracing solutions are secure, agile and integrable. Explore our full technology capabilities.

Illustration showing importance of multiple communications channels to effective contact tracing.


Contact tracing won’t work without contact

Communicating the power of contact tracing against COVID-19 is crucial for success. Contact tracing needs to be as understood and well-represented as the need to wear a mask. Information must be relayed through a dedicated online portal, news outlets, civic and social influencers, and many other touchpoints in people’s lives. Delivering home the message that a simple conversation can change the course of COVID-19. Our successful history in content marketing makes us a perfect partner to not only build, deploy and operate the system but to also engage people and help them understand why contact tracing is so important. Dive deeper into our marketing communications expertise.

Considering the vital nature of COVID-19 contact tracing, it demands a partnership that can provide an agile, secure and holistic approach. Partnering with iostudio will ensure you’re a vital part of the cure for COVID-19. Contact us for a complete contact tracing solution.